Brutto - Lorenzo Rodriguez


Adobe XD

The main goal for this project was to create a viral awareness campaign for online supermarket BRUTTO by focusing on branding it’s low-budget dish soap product to the targeted customer segment. The campaign consisted of a responsive landing page developed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, video, and an interactive sales catalog. To create the campaign we use methods such as segmentation, persona, customer journey map, SEO, storyboards, video, responsive website, sales catalog, and design manual.

When dividing the tasks, I was enrolled in the design and development of the website. The colors I used were black and yellow because those were also used for the logo. For the wireframes, I made square shapes so it wouldn't have any problem when making the website responsive, which was mandatory in this project. I was very satisfied with the final result. We did a good distribution of tasks and clear communication between group members.

Brutto Logo