Adobe XD

The main goal for Media Works Project was to develop a creative and visual concept that we could sell to travel agencies to brand our multimedia agency. It consisted of a responsive webpage developed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, web banners, and online video.

As a group, we had to guarantee that the visual materials were matching the brand image of the company. Furthermore, increase the sales conversion rate by implementing a branding strategy. My job was to design and code the website. I wanted to make a good-looking layout, so it was very important to show the clients how far we could go with our creativity.

I use a yellow color because it symbolized travel, leisure, creativity, and happiness. As a second color, I chose black to create wavy shapes and make a motion effect.
The slogan we chose was 'Our vision, your future', to create a true connection with the client from the beginning.
For the logo, I decided to communicate two ideas, a camera, and eye shape, to symbolize the content creation and the vision of the company.

MediaWorks Project